Network Support

Network technology and security threats constantly evolve. TelNex network maintenance and support services ensure optimal and secure network performance.

Maintenance plans

A lot of companies cannot afford to have a full time IT staff on the payroll. In this case we offer a proactive maintenance agreement. On a weekly or biweekly basis, a network engineer or technician will come out or use remote administration to checkup on the network resources. They will check the servers, workstations, data backups, etc. Our IT staff will work with your users to help with any problems that they may come across. Should they observe a bottleneck or a more efficient way of configuring the network, they will make suggestions on how to modify it.

Documentation regarding the various aspects of the network will always be kept updated.
Here is a list of some of the things that are documented:

  • Hardware components of servers and workstations
  • Network hardware and protocols
  • Special software configurations
  • List of users, groups, and permissions

TelNex LLC also provides general troubleshooting services. If your company is having trouble with an existing network, or if your IT staff is back logged, feel free to give us a call to help with your temporary needs.


Backup & recovery

Your company's data is invaluable. Losing your data is not an option. TelNex LLC can help you setup an effective backup solution to help protect your data.

TelNex can configure a variety of backup solutions including:

  • Tape drive backup: If your office needs to backup a significant amount of data, a tape drive is an economical and viable backup solution. 
  • Secondary fileserver: Mirror your data to a second fileserver for easy and fast data recovery. Backup changed files every hour, and easily access old file versions without little effort. 
  • Offsite backup server: Backup critical data through a secure encrypted Internet connection to a remote server. 

Disaster recovery

What if the worst happened? Your computers are inoperable and all the data has been destroyed. Would you ever be able to recover? Would your company be able to keep running?

TelNex can help you recover quickly from disaster from start to finish. our staff can:

  • Develop a disaster recovery plan to protect your data
    • Document your current hardware and software configuration
    • Record configuration settings
  • Create a multi-level backup system
    • Onsite backup, offsite backup, tape backup, DVD backup - the options are numerous and
      only work when implemented correctly. Receive detailed instructions on how to backup your
  • Deploy new systems quickly
    • With a detailed inventory of your configuration, new equipment can be order and installed
    • Install all major applications and equipment.
    • When users start up their new computer, they can start working right away.