Web development

Building a presence on the Web will enable you to efficiently market your company and its services to anyone around the world at click of the mouse. TelNex allows businesses to harness the power of the Internet to reach and service new customers and prospects across the globe, generate more revenue, increase efficiency, and enhance customer service with improved communications.

Custom Web Design

Through target audience research and competitive analysis, TelNex provides you with an effectively designed and branded web site that incorporates not just an appealing and appropriate look and feel but make you really stand above the rest. TelNex professional web designers are committed to creating customer-focused websites that drive targeted visitors to your products or services and convert these visits into tangible results for your business. With our extensive expertise in developing effective web solutions coupled with strong creative and technical skills, we make your web site an accurate reflection of your goals and vision, and your web presence - dynamic and fully functioning extension of your business helping you develop competitive edge in the marketplace. click here to Request a Free Consultation


Website Re-design

In addition to website design from ground up, TelNex also provides professional re-design solutions which can be easily integrated into your existing web site infrastructure. Our team of consultants, graphic designers and web developers will assess your current website functionality, identify your needs and goals, and offer the best solution to improve site performance, maximize the impact of your brand and take your website to the next level while preserving previous investments and operations. Attention to detail and vital principles of an efficient web presentation that communicates and enhances the company's brand are inseparable features of every re-design solution we provide. click here to Request a Free Consultation



We will provide the technical expertise to make your e-commerce website a reality. We can develop dynamic inventory pages with an attached shopping cart that is both functional and easy to use. This is a critical aspect of an e-commerce website, and a professional development team with experience is needed to make online shopping convenient for customers. If it is difficult for your customers to shop, you will have no chance of converting your website visitors to website customer. TelNex is experienced with implementing or improving e-commerce websites and increasing online sales.
It is essential to make it easy for your customers to pay you on your e-commerce website. Accepting credit cards and electronic funds transfers are the most effective solutions.
TelNex can set up your business with a merchant account to accept all major credit cards and electronic fund transfers, at the lowest possible cost. If you already have merchant status, we will help you to receive authorization to accept charges over the Internet.  click here to Request a Free Consultation


Site Maintenance

Your website needs to evolve as your business evolves. Our monthly maintenance services are designed to keep your site updated, working properly, and optimized for the search engines. The monthly maintenance support services include text and graphics changes, link updates, content and image updates, page updates, and any other site related needs.

Maintenance and update services are offered on an hourly or monthly basis. Clients without a monthly maintenance agreement can simply call or email us with the requested updates and we will provide you with a quote and then complete the work within 48 hours. Clients with a monthly maintenance service agreement will receive a discount off the hourly rate based on the number of hours in the service agreement. There is no minimum number of hours when setting up a monthly service agreement, however most clients with a medium sized website site use between 5 and 10 hours per month. With monthly maintenance, your site is given top priority.
When you need to change something on your site, simply call or email us and your updates are made within 24 hours. Although we are confident that the service will be beneficial to your business, you have the option to cancel the service for any reason with a 30 day notice.

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